On Going Fundraisers


On-Going Fundraisers

The Parent-Teacher Association pays for school and staff appreciation, the school atrium, hospitality and meeting refreshments, event appreciation, 5th-grade family assistance funds, bank fees, stationery supplies, and much more to be able to function and run as a volunteer group throughout the school year. We raise funds by hosting events and by enrolling our school in special fundraising programs.


Vaccine Referral Program -On Going


We are happy to announce that our PTA of PS 221 has been approved for the vaccination referral program.  Parents can tell others who qualify and plan to make an appointment to kindly put “Parent Teacher Association of P.S. 221” as a referring organization.  You can also type “221” when searching for the organization, and it will be on the list.  By doing so, the PTA of PS 221 will receive $100 for every referral, which will ultimately go to enriching programs and activities of our students!

Mabel’s Label   – On Going                                  You can find us by typing P.S. 221Q-           


PS 221 Staff Luncheon!                  You can contribute by making a donation through zelle or by check. Please make it out to “PS 221 PTA” and don’t forget to put in the memo “Staff Lunch.”


Retake Cap and Gown picture day (March 10th)


Spring Cleaning -Clothing and Toy Drive, April 30th