Recurring Fundraisers

Recurring Fundraisers

Our PTA sponsors quite a number of community building events and activities throughout the year to bring our PS 221 community closer together. We host school and staff appreciation, the school atrium, hospitality and meeting refreshments, 5th-grade family assistance funds. In order to continue operating we depend on parent volunteers and numerous fundraisers throughout the year to keep our operating budget strong.

There are SO MANY WAYS to support your school. Below is a list of recurring fundraisers the PTA that runs throughout the year. They are easy to participate in and some only takes a few minutes a week to do. Check them out.

Box Tops


Step 1: Download the Box Tops app on your smartphone using the QR code located on bottom of flyer below or CLICK HERE.

Step 2: Register and select P.S. 221 The North Hills School.

Step 3: Buy Box Tops products.

Step 4: Scan your receipt containing Box Top products.

ShopRite 4 My School
Mabel's Label
Clothing & Toy Drive
Picture Day
Direct Donation
Staff Luncheon