Welcome to the NEW PS 221Q PTA Website!!

Now more than ever it has become evident that the PTA needs a streamlined way to communicate with our PS 221 Community. We have decided to utilize a new platform called PTOffice.com. PTOffice is an all-in-one solution for our busy school community. PTOffice supports our efforts of seamless contacting from the first sign up or fundraiser created, PTOffice supports our managing of members, membership fees, Spirit store, event ticket sales, and more within a single application. No more are the days of handwritten notes, excel spreadsheets, missing binders, and web developer hold-ups. Updating our website will be easy as a few clicks here and there. All of these features will also help prepare our organization for an easy transition at the end of every year as executive board members change roles. As well as the ability to allow parents to update their individual family profile as contact information may change through the year, update their child’s grade information yearly, and even “graduate” their child when the time comes. This will ensure parents never miss a PTA update & do not get spammed with information that is no longer of interest to them.

The PTA is excited about this new platform and hope you are too! As always, we are available for questions and comments at PS221PTA@Gmail.com

Thank you always for your continued support!

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